Arturia - MiniBrute 2
Arturia - MiniBrute 2 Arturia - MiniBrute 2 Arturia - MiniBrute 2
Arturia - MiniBrute 2
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From our heart to your hands Designed by passionate synth enthusiasts to cater for the most intrepid, experimental musicians out there. The brainchild of Arturia’s daring product manager Seb Rochard, born on the foundations of synth guru Yves Usson's unique approach to synthesis, MiniBrute 2 is truly an instrument by musicians for musicians. Every aspect of the synth, from its layout to the carefully chosen components, reflects their painstaking obsession to bring you the most adaptable, joyous analog synth around. Once you take a look at MiniBrute 2’s layout and features, everything becomes clear. Let’s take a closer look at what MiniBrute has to offer... 1. VCO 1 Sawtooth, Pulse and Triangle waves with unique modifiers and direct FM control. Ultra Saw makes for huge sounds, Metalizer adds complex harmonics to the triangle wave. FM generates rich tones. 2. VCO 2 Selectable waveform between sine, saw and square. Multiple tuning modes for fine, coarse or LFO operation. 3. Oscillator Mixer Allows for mixing the levels of the individual waveforms of the oscillator 1 and 2, the noise generator and the external inputs. 4. Steiner-Parker Multimode Filter Beefy filter with Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, and Notch modes. Resonance can be pushed into self oscillation. 5. 4 Stage Envelope ADSR Type Envelope generator. 6. Brute Factor™ The Brute Factor™ can add subtle drive effects to full blown intermodulation havoc. 7. AD Envelope This modulator can generate AD, AHR or loopable envelopes. Its Attack and Decay times are CV-controllable, too. 8. Patchbay 48 CV inputs and outputs to control many elements of the synthesizer and sequencer. Some utility modules provide extended possibilities. 9. Two LFOs Both LFO supply 6 waveforms and can run in sync to the Sequencer. Very fast rates can be obtained. 10. Sequencer/Arpeggiator Flexible sequencer or arpeggiator allows for instant melodic phrases. Syncs to MIDI clock over USB and MIDI In to play in sync with your favorite DAW. 11. Performance Controls Mod Wheel & Aftertouch destinations and Pitch Bend amounts can all be set. 12. Keyboard with Aftertouch 25 note velocity-sensitive keyboard with aftertouch. Octave buttons allow transposition of up to 5 octaves. 13. Audio In/Out Line and headphones outputs. 14. MIDI In/Out Connect and sync MiniBrute to any DAW or hardware MIDI equipment. 15. USB In/Out Control MiniBrute from your DAW or use it as a master keyboard It will learn through play With a creative approach, MiniBrute 2 will be able to master any trick you can imagine. Maybe you’ll want to enjoy MiniBrute 2 as the musician’s best friend it is; enjoying its devoted attention, safe in the privacy of your studio, and at the center of your creative setup. Maybe you’ll want to share its awesome tricks and sonic prowess on stage, with an audience. Whatever you have planned for this incredible synthesizer, it won’t let you down. Sporting a high quality, aftertouch-enhanced 25-key keyboard, an inspiring arpeggiator, and a smart and effective sequencer. The way you perform is up to you. Will you focus on the musical performance, set up sequences and arpeggios, losing yourself in the real-time tweaking of the sound parameters, or create hybrid sounds with modular synths (5U, westcoast and Eurorack)? One thing’s for certain: once you get your hands on this beast, you’ll never want to take them off.