Engl - Savage 120 Mark II E610II

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Steve's Code : 10602

Shipping Weight: 50 lbs

Manufactured By : Engl

A classic among the top pieces in its latest and best reincarnation! He remains incomparably dynamic and flexible. Now we have cultivated his inner values even further and given him some new features. The MIDI port is now included as standard, as well as a finely tuned and sensitive-responding noise gate - so there is peace, even in extreme gain settings. Our iconic amplifier designer Horst Langer has been reworked the 3 Band EQ from Channel 1 and Channel 2, freshly voiced and equipped with a Lean / Bold circuit for two different middle characters. Also new is the Gain Lo / Hi circuit: The Clean channel becomes “Crunch” in “Hi” mode, the Lead channel gets even fatter and heavier. Four channels, tons of sound-shaping features and low-key sounds make the SAVAGE Mark II the perfect sound center for a modern guitar rig.

4 Channels: Clean, Crunch I, Crunch II, Lead
All Tube Head
2 Tube buffered FX Loops (each with Balance control)
Noise Gate
Master A/B
Power Tube Monitor
Ground Lift Switch
MIDI: MIDI in / MIDI thru
Engl MIDI-Footcontroller Phantom Power Switch
MIDI Channel Assignment and Controller Enable Switches
Write / Copy (for MIDI programming)
all functions accessible on the front panel are MIDI programmable
S.A.C.: Serial Amp Control