Leon Aubert - Violin Outfit 4/4 model #50

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Steve's Code : 16583

Shipping Weight: 10 lbs

Manufactured By : Leon Aubert

Features fully graduated solid spruce violin top, maple violin back, sides, neck, and scroll - no cheaper laminated wood or hardwood used on this violin

Real inlaid purfling on both the violin top and back

Tuning pegs are made out of ebony wood for trouble-free tuning. Ebony is preferred over hardwood since it is more stable and less likely to slip causing violin to go out of tune.

Fingerboard is also made out of ebony for solid playability. The hardness of ebony wood protects the fingerboard from denting by the fingernail. Dents on the fingerboard make it very difficult to play the violin in tune.

Ebony tailpiece and nut provides stability to string intonation

4 string adjusters (fine tuners) and steel strings

Fully fitted maple bridge

Made in Romania

Available in 4/4, 3/4, and 1/2 sizes


The bow comes with octagonal stick made out of professional grade Brazilwood providing stability, playability and control.

The bow comes with professional grade Mongolian horsehair providing sound volume and projection.

Ebony frog, silver winding, and leather grip

1 large rosin with wooden holder


The 4/4 size violin comes with the case as shown in the picture above.  The case comes with deluxe 4-point suspension design, detachable blanket, 3 accessory compartments, 2 shoulder straps,  and full length music pocket.  With the 2 shoulder straps, you can carry the case comfortably like a backpack freeing up your hands.  You can also carry the case over the shoulder with one shoulder strap.

The case comes with many protection features for the violin: deluxe 4-point suspension cushions, neck strap, blanket, and soft neck cushion.  These features are designed to ensure that your violin is well protected inside the case.