Mesa Boogie - Lone Star 2x12 Combo

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Steve's Code : 14133

Shipping Weight: 65 lbs

Manufactured By : Mesa/Boogie

The Lone Star™ is an amplifier of extravagant tone & seductive feel. From its innovative custom circuitry, down to its classic retro/vintage looks, the Lone Star is designed to be the defining vintage/boutique amplifier from the original boutique amp builder!

The Lone Star is laid out simply & logically. Its clean, two-channel layout provides a platform for ultimate expression with a minimal learning curve. The two channels provide the entire range of gain, from sparkling clean to totally saturated, and anywhere in between. It Lone Star offers Multi-Watt™ Channel Assignable Power featuring our patented Duo-Class™ technology. Choose the type of rectification you want - the stiffer, punchier response of the Silicon Diodes or the vintage sagginess of Tube Rectifier Tracking and the Power switch is fitted with Tweed (low) and ON (high/normal) settings to provide a built-in variac so that incoming AC voltage can be reduced to produce a spongier feel and increased clip-ability. The pure, all-tube Reverb is fitted with a Bright/Warm switch and the Solo feature provides an additional master output that you can trigger remotely for a footswitchable boost.