Roland - APC-10 All-Purpose Clamp

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UPC Code : 761294516713

Shipping Weight: 7 lbs

Manufactured By : Roland

APC-10 All-Purpose Clamp

Multi-Clamp for Mounting Drum Modules and Other Hardware

V-Drums Acoustic Design kits use the same drum hardware stands as regular acoustic drum kits. The V-Drums sound module is typically mounted within the kit to a hi-hat stand or cymbal stand, and the APC-10 is the multi-clamp for the job. A telescopic slider provides comfortable module positioning, while ample thread length allows the clamp to be secured to the chunkiest of hardware tubes.

• Versatile multi-clamp
• Can be used for mounting electronic drum modules or hardware such as cymbal arms or tom clamps to standard drum hardware stands
• Telescopic adjustment to shorten or lengthen the clamp