Meinl - 10 Notes Kalimba - Tree Of Life - Black Walnut - KL1001TOL

Steve's Code: 46546
Barcode: 842960107494
By Meinl


Solid Kalimbas:

- The Meinl Sonic Energy Solid Kalimba (sometimes called a thumb piano) is a soft-sounding melodic instrument that fills the space around you with ethereal tones as you pluck the notes. This kalimba has 10 steel keys (tines) on the scale of C major. All the pitches complement each other, meaning you will never play a wrong note. This instrument is easy to play and does not require any musical background. It's great for sound-healing therapy, meditation, and yoga, also teachers can use them to corral a classroom. Of course, musicians can have their fun with them, too.

- Made with beautiful solid black walnut in a matte finish, featuring an exquisite "Tree of Life" carving.

- This kalimba comes with a protective case that's great for traveling. Also included is a tuning hammer to make adjustments as needed (the kalimba comes pre-tuned). Finally, it also comes with a microfiber cloth for cleaning and a linen storage bag.


- 10 notes

- C Major scale

- High-quality relief "Tree of Life"

- Harmonious tone sequence

- Solid body made of black walnut wood


- Protective case

- Linen bag

- Microfiber cloth

- Tuning Hammer

Tuning: e', c', a, f, d, c, e, g, b, d'

Material: Black Walnut

Finish: Matte

Spare Parts: Kalimba Tuning Hammer - KLH