Fish Circuits - Model One - Overdrive

Steve's Code: 18308

Classic natural overdrive with spicy tweaks. Incredibly versatile and more than usable on just about any settings. At lower gain settings, the MODEL ONE will give you dynamic amp-like breakup tones, that react to the subtleties of your playing. When cranked, you will find yourself in a saturated « fuzzstortion » territory, with loads of sustain and depth, reminiscent of citrus-colored amps.

"Mode" switch lets you select between the classic lower gain sound and "b" mode that showcases the saggier and more distorted side of the design, with almost fuzz-like tones when the "Drive" control is maxed out.

"Body" switch controls the amount of lower frequencies at the input stage of the pedal. The lowest setting is the fattest, for the biggest and meanest sound… it might even be too much. The lower position being sometimes more low end than you actually need in a band mix, the middle position comes in handy, tidying things up. The bass cut being at the input of the circuit (before the gain stages), you will still get a rich full sound when distorted, but with less mud. The top position cuts most of the bass out, because that might be what you need in a busier mix, or for layering guitar tracks.

We included a dip switch inside the pedal, in case you need more bass in "b" mode. The switch only affects the lower frequency extension of "b" mode. At higher gain settings, and with certain pickups, you might want to reduce annoying 60 cycle hum by flipping this switch. With bass guitar, or quieter humbuckers, the bassier setting is recommended. Results may vary. A #2 Allen wrench for the 8 screws is required and the settings are clearly marked inside.

The Model One runs on just about any 9V DC, negative tip, 2.1mm barrel power supply. Cheap power supplies tend to induce noise.