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Steve's Code : 17411

Manufactured By : byw audio

A distortion pedal inspired by my musical career. The design are fairly simple: 5 silicon jFet transistors opamp in a 3 stages working in a combined effort that amplified the source to a bend of harmonies. That is a 6 knobs function distorsion: the basic 3 bands EQ, Treble, Mid and Bass, a Drive, a Voice and a Level. The Voice and the Mid are of key importance for they giving you the scope and range you can get with that cool tool. Because transistor pedals have only one sound and one tone, I built that pedal in order to allow diverse variations. You will have to fine-tune it to get the tone you want. But please don’t put all the knobs to 10! This tools was not designed for that use. Well, you may try it at your own risks though! An other thing that I wanted, was to have something like a cab simulator or at least something that cut drastically the treble and somehow re-shape a little the harmonics, so it can be used for direct recording, which I find very useful for when you just want to record quickly an idea, so just plug and play. The core of this simple design is multiple low pass and high pass filters. And finally, I add this remarkable simple two knobs opto compressor with dual opamp. I find it very clean and useful, that give additional tone to the distortion sound, sustain and a more stable dynamics. It can be use as a booster. The Fast Piggy has eq and opto set for guitar tone. I also find it pretty good on bass and keyboard. SPECIFICATIONS: Controls include :: DRIVE, VOICE, LEVEL, SUSTAIN, VOLUME, TREBLE, MID and BASS True bypass switching, common 9vdc BOSS style power input and battery snap. Current draw +/- 50mA Size 4.67 in L x 3.68 in W x 1.18 in H (119 mm L x 93 mm W x 30 mm H) Power supply not included.