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Levy's - Lux Padded Hemp Traditional Dark Brown-Natural 2.5 – MHG2-DBR

Out of stock
This item is not currently in stock but is available for purchase. You can contact our Internet sales department at for inquiries about expected delivery dates.
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Steve's Code : 10975

UPC Code : 734990699196

Manufactured By : Levy's

Levy’s 2 1/2″ natural hemp guitar strap with padding wrapped in dark brown garment leather.
Hemp and leather strap features supple padding that runs the length of the body of the strap.
Traditional ladder style adjustment from 37″ to 51″
Natural and organic hemp fabric upper.
Veg tan ends with iconic Levy’s brand on the front end and natural lotus brand on the back.
Handcrafted in Nova Scotia.

Product Description

2.5 inch Hemp Guitar Strap With Supple Padding Wrapped in Garment Leather. Veg-Tan Leather Ends Branded with Naturals Icon, Traditional Loop and Ladder Adjusts From 37 to 51 inches.