Mackie - MDB-1A Passive Stereo Direct Box

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Steve's Code : 72944

Manufactured By : Mackie

Great for active instruments like guitars and basses with active pickups and preamps, the MDB-1A Active DI features increased headroom and distortion-free operation. Featuring a 1/4" high-impedance input and thru with -20db pad plus a Merge switch that turns the Thru jack into a second input, perfect for summing a stereo source to a mono output. The balanced XLR output features switches for Polarity, Low Cut, and Ground Lift. For maximum convenience, the MDB-1A is powered by 48v phantom power.
Active circuitry offers higher headroom for increased noise and distortion performance
High-impedance 1/4" input with Thru output
Balanced XLR output with Ground Lift
Low Cut and Polarity switches
Merge switch allows connection of stereo sources which are then summed to mono at the output, perfect for stereo sources like keyboards media players
-20dB pad ensures distortion-free performance when connecting to high-level sources
Powered via 48v Phantom Power
Built-Like-A-Tank™ construction