Meinl - 7" Tongue Drum - G Minor - Navy Blue - SSTD2NB

Steve's Code: 46537
Barcode: 842960107548
By Meinl


Small Steel Tongue Drum:

- The Small Steel Tongue Drum from Meinl Sonic Energy has pre-tuned notes for any music lover, educator, or sound-therapy practitioner to play. This smaller version of our conventional steel tongue drum is a great size to play in a variety of places.

- The 7" diameter drum may be played by anyone, anywhere, regardless of skill. Its pre-tuned scale means there are no wrong notes, and the sound is ethereal and soothing (like a soft steel pan drum).

- The drum includes two soft rubber mallets for a full and tranquil tone. It also comes with a padded bag to protect during transport.


- Portable-Size Steel Tongue Drum

- Soft and Soothing Tone

- Pre-Tuned Scale, G Minor

- 7" / 18-cm Diameter

- Minor Scales Are Useful to Express Emotions and Thoughtfulness

- Great for Yoga Studios, Sound Therapy, Classrooms, or Your Coffee Table


- Bag

- Wooden Mallet Pair with Rubber Heads

Tuning: A4/a' 440 Hz / G4, Bb4, C5, D5, F5, G5, Bb5, C6

Material: Coated Stainless Steel

Color: Navy Blue