Pearl - Double Tom Stand - T1035

Steve's Code: 44372
By Pearl


From Pearl's Premium, Tour-Grade Hardware Range, the T1035 Double Tom Stand Features Two Separate Gyro-Lock 7/8" Pipe Tom Holders for Infinite Angle Adjustability.

- Tilter: TH1030S Gyro-Lock Tilters

- Pipe Joint: Die-Cast Pipe Joint

- Tubes: Nylon-Insulated Rattle-Free Tubes

- Surestruts: Double-Braced Struts on the Trident-Design Tripod Offer the Ultimate in Structural Integrity to Prevent Lateral Wobble and the Inherent Squeaks That May Result from It

- Wingnuts / Wingbolts: Ultragrip

- Feet: Extra-Large No-Slip Feet