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Hammond - XK-5 60-21097

Out of stock
This item is not currently in stock but is available for purchase. You can contact our Internet sales department at for inquiries about expected delivery dates.
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Steve's Code : 64994

Manufactured By : Hammond

The HAMMOND B-3™ organ and its siblings such as the C-3™ and A-100™ have been the single most influential keyboard instruments in musical history, perhaps apart from the acoustic piano. When paired with the spinning Leslie® speaker, the HAMMOND’s sonic versatility defined the electrified keyboard sound of genres from rock to soul to Gospel to jazz. This sound is as sought after today as ever.

With the XK-5 and Heritage Series, HAMMOND is proud to announce that we’ve closed the final millimeters of the realism gap—in terms of both sound and feel—in a form factor that’s far more portable and affordable than a vintage Hammond organ. We are very proud of this instrument for providing an absolutely authentic playing experience that meets the demands of even the most seasoned B-3 purist. We feel it has no peer among today’s keyboard offerings, and as such, it is…The NEW ORIGINAL




Product Specs – XK-5

61 playing keys plus 12 Preset Keys
Square-front (“waterfall”-style)
New mechanical key-bed design


SPLIT panel control
Assignable split point

Tone Generator

MTW™ (Modeled Tone Wheels)
61-note polyphony for Manuals
5-note polyphony for Pedals

Virtual Multi-Contacts™

Custom Contacts (3 Factory, 3 User)
3 Physical Contacts, 9 Assignable Virtual Contacts
Adjustable Attack, Release, Decay

Harmonic Drawbars®

5 sets (4 Manuals, 1 Pedal)
Upper 2 X 9 pitches
Lower 2 X 9 pitches
Pedal 2 pitches

Drawbar Voicing

4 choices for Manuals (A-100, B-3, C-3, Mellow)
4 choices for Pedals (Normal, Muted, Synth 1 & 2)

Custom Tone Wheel (CTW™)

3 Factory, 3 User for A-100, B-3, C-3 & Mellow Drawbar Voicings
CTW’s identified by model and serial number
Adjustable parameters for each tone wheel

Touch-Response Percussion™

Percussion On, Normal/Soft Volume,
Slow/Fast Decay, 2nd & 3rd Harmonic,
Adjustable Normal/Soft Volume settings,
Slow/Fast Decay rates, Velocity, Key Tracking,
1’ Drawbar Cancel ON/OFF

Vibrato & Chorus™

Virtual Scanner™ (3 settings)
Adjustable rate, Vibrato/Chorus Mix
Vibrato-on-Pedal: ON/OFF


Tube/Solid State
Adjustable drive level

Preset Keys

9 Presets plus Cancel each Manual
2 Adjust Presets each Manual
9 programmable Preset Banks


100 User, 100 Factory Patches
Assignable to Preset Keys as Favorites
Assignable Patch Load: Drawbar registrations, Drawbar parameters, Internal & External Zones, Multi-Effects, Reverb.

Tube Preamp

12AU7/12AX7 Tubes
Adjustable Routing & Drive Level

MT™ Matching Transformer

Adjustable drive level, Hysteresis, upper/lower/percussion levels


Tremolo, Auto Pan, Wah-Wah, Ring Modulator, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Delay. Adjustable parameters for each effect.

Master Equalizer

Bass/Mid/Treble panel controls
Adjustable gain & center frequency

Programmable Equalizer

Bass, Mid, Treble
Adjustable center frequency
Hammond Preamp Tone Control


STOP, FAST, BYPASS panel controls.
Custom Cabinets (8 Preset, 8 User)
Adjustable Slow & Fast Speeds, Rise & Fall Times, Horn/Drum/Subwoofer Volume Balance, Microphone Settings.


ON/OFF panel control
11 programs
Leslie-on-Reverb: ON/OFF


5 MIDI Templates
3 Keyboard Channels (Upper, Lower, Pedals)
6 External Zones (3 Upper, 2 Lower, 1 Pedals)
Assignable MIDI channels, key range, Program Change, Pan, Velocity Curve, Min/Max Volume
IN 1, IN 2, OUT Connections


OLED, 20 character, 2 line
7 Control Buttons & VALUE Rotary Knob


“A” port (“To USB Flash Drive”)
“B” port (“To Host”)


Transpose +- 6 semitones
Fine Tune +- 10 cents
Octave Up/Down +- 2 octaves

H-BUS® Connector

To Pedals/Expression Pedal

Audio Connections

Headphone Jack

11-pin Leslie® Connector


Other Connections

8-pin DIN (EXP-100F Expression Pedal)
AC Input


119 cm (W) 40cm (D) 12cm (H)
Weight 15.7 kg.