Audio-Technica - ATM-450

Steve's Code: 34860
Barcode: 42005144679


One of the new stars of the Artist Series remake, the ATM450 cardioid condenser offers an innovative side-address stick design for endless placement options and minimal obstructions. The microphone is equipped with an integral 80 Hz hi-pass filter that provides easy switching from a flat frequency response to a low-end roll-off. The ATM450 also features a switchable 10 dB pad that lowers the microphone's sensitivity, providing higher SPL capability for flexible use with a wide range of performers and system configurations. The microphone’s extended flat frequency response makes it ideal for high SPLs as well as for live and amplified acoustic instruments. Includes a professional isolation clamp to provide secure mounting, versatile positioning and effective dampening of unwanted mechanical noise.

Unique side-address stick design maximizes placement options with minimal obstructions

Uncompromising sound quality for overheads, percussion, acoustic guitar, strings and other acoustic instruments

Integral 80 Hz HPF switch and 10 dB pad

Durable performance for professional applications

Cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of desired sound source

Rugged, all-metal design and construction for years of trouble-free use

Includes isolation clamp for shock protection, secure mounting and easy positioning