DW Drums - "The LeftCast" Cast Bronze Left-Handed Snare 5x14 DRVZ0514STZL

Steve's Code: 10119
Barcode: 647139667607


Every Lefty’s Dream has come true! 🔥
• Only 25 made
• We have Number 15
(Also works for Righties) 🤣

DW Drums Quote:
"Introducing the World’s First Left-Handed Snare Drum" 🥁
"Ever felt like drumming was just too right-hand-centric? We’ve got you covered! After years of research and development, we’re proud to unveil a game-changing innovation: The Left-Handed Snare Drum. Designed exclusively for the left-handed drummer tired of conforming to a right-handed world. This revolutionary design features a meticulously reversed throw-off and butt plate for the ultimate left-handed playing experience."