Electro-Voice - ZXA1 12" Powered Sub

Steve's Code: 9444


The Electro Voice ZXA1 Sub Powered PA Subwoofer is designed to provide the ultimate combination of portability, performance, and power in a lightweight, stylish, small-format package. Though equipped with an EV-engineered heavy-duty 12 inch woofer, a state-of-the-art 700 watt amplifier, a durable 15-mm wood enclosure, and a maximum SPL rating of 126 dB, the ZXA1 Sub weighs-in at just 46 lbs and sports a trim profile!

Extending the Electro Voice ZXA1’s size-defying performance and sleek styling into the low-end realm, the ZXA1 Sub powered subwoofer packs 700 watts of self-powered punch into a low-profile wood enclosure. Match ZXA1 or any other PA speaker with the ZXA1 Sub and hear just how big a small rig can sound, whether you want to add a tight thump to a DJ set or give the highs and mids some breathing room in a live performance.

Electro Voice ZXA1 Sub Powered PA Subwoofer Features

  • Lightweight 700-W Class-D amplifier: 126-dB maximum SPL

  • 12-inch high-output woofer

  • Dual XLR stereo inputs and outputs

  • DSP with low-end boost and polarity control

  • Pole mount for full-range systems

  • 9-ply/15-mm internally braced wood enclosure with textured paint

  • 46 pounds, with handle for easy carrying