Golden Age - FC3 Microphone

Steve's Code: 47144
Barcode: 8717624850967


The FC 3

  • Is a high quality dual capsule condenser microphone, inspired by classical microphone models.

  • The FC 3 is a very versatile microphone with a wide frequency response and a large dynamic range. It will perform great in the studio or in live sound and broadcast applications.

  • It´s sound character is similair to vintage microphones and it is well suited to be used with most instruments and voices. Use it on vocals and choirs, acoustic and electric guitars and other fretted instruments, as a drum overhead or room mic and in any other application where you would use a big capsule condenser mic.

  • The FC 3 is, in spite of it´s low cost, suitable for critical recording applications.

  • The FC 3 comes with a spider style shock mount.