HeadRush - FRFR-108® MKII - Full-Range Flat-Response Cabinet for Guitar & Bass – With Bluetooth®

Steve's Code: 46383
Barcode: 694318026199


HeadRush FRFR-108 MKII is a powerful 2000-watt full-range flat-response guitar cabinet with Bluetooth®, 8” speaker, HF compression driver, two combo XLR + 1/4” inputs and XLR output.

FRFR-108® MKII Features

- Powerful, Professional Sound - 2000 watts of peak power ensures you have enough headroom for almost any live performance or rehearsal

- Precision-Tuned for Amp Modelers - The cabinet design, 8” woofer, and HF compression driver are specially voiced for accurate, linear delivery of amplifier and cabinet emulations

- Bluetooth® Enabled - Stream music wirelessly from your mobile device into FRFR-108 MKII’s dedicated Bluetooth® channel

- All the Connectivity You Need - Two combo XLR + 1/4" inputs with independent volume controls and an XLR direct output allow for chaining speakers or sending to a front-of-house mix

- Quickly Adapts to Venues and Rooms - FRFR-108 MKII has a ground lift switch for eliminating noise issues caused by ground loops and a -HPF EQ switch to help cut through muddy stage mixes

- Lightweight, Flexible and Sturdy - Weighing just 21lbs / 9.53kg, FRFR-108 MKII is rugged yet easy to transport and can be used in a wedge, upright, or pole-mounted position

Adapts to Any Stage or Room

Stages and rehearsal rooms can easily become dense and muddy sounding as lower frequencies from different instruments battle each other; FRFR-108 MKII has a HPF cut switch to quickly pull those troublesome frequencies out and make sure your tone sits perfect in the mix. Unwanted electrical noise can also be a common problem; FRFR-108 MKII’s ground lift switch can eliminate hums and buzzes resulting from ground loops.

Road-Ready Lightweight Design

FRFR-108 MKII is rugged yet lightweight and easy to transport (at 21 lbs / 9.53 kg) making one trip load-ins at the gig or rehearsal space easier than ever. While you can use FRFR-108 MKII in its intended wedge position, its versatile design means that it can also be used in an upright or pole-mounted position, making it easier to direct your sound wherever you need it, which is especially helpful at outdoor gigs or other places where PA backline is limited.