Ibanez - ABS Hardshell Case for Electric Bass - MB300C

Steve's Code: 23856
Barcode: 4515276966821
By Ibanez


The rugged shell of the MB300C protects the bass from dents, scratches, dust and water. Inside, the MB300C features a bass guitar body mold and neck support to cradle the bass snugly and securely. The interior storage compartment can accommodate straps, cables, extra strings and other necessities. Finally, for ultimate security, lock the case up while flying or travelling with its TSA-approved lock.


- High quality ABS material

- TSA-approved lock

- Accommodate various body shape models

- For SR, SRMS, SRF, SRH (except Left-handed models)


- Exterior Length: 1210mm

- Exterior Width: 390mm

- Exterior Depth: 135mm

- Interior Overall Length: 1145mm

- Interior Lower Body Length: 420mm

- Inner Top Length: 220mm

- Inner Swell Width: 330mm

- Inner Top Width: 55mm

- Inner Head Width: 150mm

- Inner Body Hollow Depth: 40mm

- Weight: 5.49kg