Pearl - Short Fuse Snare 3.5x13 Black Steel SFS1335B

Steve's Code: 52247
By Pearl


Pearl offers powerful snare-drum pop at a low price with the Short-Fuse Piccolo! In the spirit of their classic effects snare drums from years past, Pearl's new Short-Fuse 13" x 3.5" piccolo snare is an affordable way for developing players to expand their drumming voice. Features a 1-mm powder-coated black-steel shell, single-point dual lugs, and quick-release snare strainer for punchy timbale tones. Its tight, cracking tone is perfect for side or main snare play and punctuated accents. Placement around the kit is a breeze thanks to its compact size. One strike and you'll know, it doesn't take much to make the Short Fuse explode!

- Piccolo 13" x 3.5" Black Steel
- Tight Cracking Tone
- 1-mm Rolled Steel Shell
- Black Powder-Coated Finish
- Triple-Flanged Hoops - 1.6-mm Chrome Steel
- Single-Point Dual Billet Lugs for Tuning Accuracy