Sabian - 10” HHX Complex Aero - 110XACN - 110XACN

Steve's Code: 29559
By Sabian

Sabian - 10” HHX Complex Aero - 110XACN - 110XACN is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


The HHX Collection:

- HHX is the bomb. They are dark cymbals that cut. Before HHX, that just wasn’t possible, but we made it happen.

10” HHX Complex Aero:

- This splash packs a pile of punch! Extra-thin weight, 10 rows of Aero holes, raw hammered bell and a combination of HHX and HH hammering all work together to create the ultimate splash. The natural EQ enhances the highs and lows while reducing the mids, allowing this splash to sit perfectly in the mix.

- Combined HHX and HH Hammering

- 10 Rows of Aero Holes

- Raw Hammered Bell

- Extra-Thin Weight

- Quick Sharp Accents

Cymbal Size: 10"

Feel: Medium-Loose

Weight: Extra-Thin

Volume: Soft

Timbre: Dark

Material: B20