Samson - SP-1 Spider Mount

Steve's Code: 3842
Barcode: 809164002925
By Samson


Samson SP01

  • Studio engineers have long known the necessity for good shockmounts in getting the real sound of any mic.

  • When a microphone picks up an audio signal, It also picks-up unwanted mechanical noise through the microphone stand.

  • This is caused by nearby vibrations - the kick drum, amplifiers, artist's movements, and etc.

  • The Samson SP01 solves acoustic problems so you don't have to resort to electronic solutions, which interfere with the natural sound.

  • Small project studios can now have high-quality shockmount protection with the affordable Samson SP01 Spider Mount.

Samson SP01 Features:

  • Suspension shockmount

  • Works with Samson C01, C03, and CL7 condenser mics