Supro - 1605R Reverb 5W Combo

Steve's Code: 73799
Barcode: 684753087787
By Supro

The Supro 1605R Reverb amplifier is a 5-Watt, 1 x 8 combo amp with tube-driven spring reverb. This ultra-compact and gig-ready amplifier provides independent gain and master volume controls, along with a 2-band EQ and three tube-driven line-outputs optimized for feeding another guitar amplifier or recording console. The trio of line outputs is driven by the preamp tubes—before the master volume—allowing the player to tame the on-board speaker down from gig volume to be used as a bedroom rig, as well as an all-tube outboard gain/reverb effect unit and direct recording preamp.

Circuit Type: All-tube Supro Circuit
Wattage: 5 Watts – Class A
Channels: 1 Channel with Wet, Dry and Mix out
Tremolo: None
Reverb: Yes, with Wet-only line output, optional Foot-switch.
Assembled in NY, USA

Preamp Tubes: 2x JJ 12AX7
Power Tubes: 1x JJ 6V6 (Combo), 1x EH
Reverb Tubes: 1x JJ 12AT7
Speakers: 1 x 8″ Supro SS8 – Combo only

Cabinet Dimensions (in.) 15.5″ x 7.5″ x1 2.3″
Cabinet Dimensions (cm.)

Tolex Blue Rhino Hide tolex, Black Rhino Hide tolex (Head)