Tama - Starphonic Brass Snare 6x14 PBR146

Steve's Code: 48653
By Tama


STARPHONIC BRASS SNARE DRUM Brass Shell 6”x14”: 1.2mm Brass

A slightly thicker 1.2mm brass shell and new Grooved Hoop gives this drum rich, warm resonance and sharp projection. This drum has an exceptionnally wide frequency and tuning range, allowing for great sonic variety simply by adjusting the tuning and snappy snares. With such versatility, this is a drum that will complement any musical style or playing situation.

Features :

  • Brass Shell 14x6 in

  • 1.2mm Brass

  • Lug: Freedom Lug

  • Hoop: Grooved Hoop (10lug)

  • Strainer: Linear-Drive

  • Snappy: MS20RL14C Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare