Tascam - TH-07 High Definition Monitoring headphones

Steve's Code: 12853
Barcode: 43774033904
By Tascam


Design Quality and Specification TH-07 has excellent specifications with a frequency response of 10Hz to 30kHz and sensitivity of 100 +3dB. The custom made 50mm drivers are designed to cover the ear for an intimate listening experience and to replicate every detail of the source material. The result is headphones which duplicate the audio quality of premium near field monitors but as a personal on-ear listening experience. The cups are made of soft pliable leatherette to avoid ear fatigue and provide comfort for extended periods. Each circumaural driver can rotate and be angled for physical flexibility and one-ear monitoring. The padded headband is also designed for comfort and durability. Removable Multi-connection Cables The TH-07 comes with two removable cables, both with gold-plated connectors. One is coiled and shorter in length for connection to close proximity audio devices to avoid “cable dangle”, but with the flexibility to stretch and return if you need to temporarily move away and back. The other cable is a straight cable (approximately 8.5') for longer cable run applications. The straight cable has a multi-connector which will accommodate both 1/8" and 1/4" connectors. The coiled cable has a single 1/8"connector. Accessories Included A leatherette carrying bag with a pull-tie closure is also included to protect the TH-07 when not in use and for transporting. TASCAM Audio Quality At TASCAM we understand audio and tone. The TH-07s have been tuned for the highest quality sound with full but natural bass, flat mid-range, and clear high end. Audio quality has always been the core of TASCAM heritage and philosophy. • 10Hz to 30kHz frequency response • Sensitivity of 100 +3dB • 50mm drivers housed in circumaural ear cups deliver a high resolution, comfortable listening experience and excellent sound isolation • Ear cups pivot and angle for versatile fit and comfort, and one-ear monitoring • Folding design and included carry bag make the TH-07 ideal for both field work and studio duty • Includes two detachable cables, short coiled design for close proximity and long straight cable for maximum proximity to audio device • Multi-connection 1/8" or 1/4" jack on straight cable; 1/8" connector on coiled cable • Soft and pliable leatherette ear cups and head band for maximum comfort: even for long sessions • Gold plated connectors