Trick Drums - PRO1-V Bigfoot Double Bass Drum Pedal P1VBF2

Steve's Code: 55812
Barcode: 753382555568

Trick re-invented the kick drum pedal with the Pro1-V. With its sleek design, it is the smoothest, most responsive pedal available. Trick starts with solid billets machined to aerospace quality tolerances and integrates features such as compression spring technology, ball bearings on every moving point, laser etched logos and adjustment scale.


The spring loaded Slide-Trac hoop mount allows for quick and easy mounting to the drum, and is easily adjusted to adapt to different hoop depths. Spring tension adjustment requires no tools or getting on your hands and knees to make a complicated adjustment. Just reach down and twist the adjustment knob to your liking with ease.


This pedal is designed for professionals and those looking for the highest in quality, accuracy, dependability. Battle tested and made in Chicago U.S.A.


- Solid Billet Precision Machined Parts

- Compression Spring Design

- Split Cam Adjustability

- Simple Knob Tension Adjustment

- 5 Patents

- Extreme Durability

- Interchangeable Direct or Chain Drive Configurations