Waldorf - Nano SynCard

Steve's Code: 31736
Barcode: 10000270


The Waldorf Nano SynCard is a plug-in sound expansion module designed for use with CME MIDI keyboard controllers. The Nano SynCard provides up to 24-note polyphony and contains over 1,000 classic Waldorf MicroQ synth sounds. It easily installs into the back panel of CME's UF series keyboard controllers. It is unique in that it is the only product on the market that allows a controller keyboard to be turned into a full-on synthesizer, complete with real-time control.

Up to two Nano SynCards can be installed in each keyboard and independently controlled via the CME's front panel knobs and sliders. When two cards are present, splits and layers can also be created. The cards feature left, right, and stereo (headphone) audio outputs; power is supplied by the CME controller. The 1,000 sounds include a wide assortment of trademark Waldorf basses, solo tones, pads, percussion, and effects.

Waldorf Nano SynCard at a Glance

• Plug-in expansion card for CME UF Series keyboard controllers

• 1,000 classic Waldorf MicroQ synthesizer sounds

• Up to 24-voice polyphony (patch-dependent)

• Sound parameters adjustable from CME front-panel controls

• On-board effects

• Left/right line outputs

• Stereo headphone amplifier

• Compact self-powered design

• Easy to install