Yamaha - Montage M6

Steve's Code: 42895
Barcode: 889025147613
By Yamaha


Montage M6, the next-generation flagship synthesizer from Yamaha. Realize amazing sound with its 3 engines that recreate warm vintage analog synths, cutting-edge FM synths, and ultra-realistic instruments. The Motion Control engine enhances these capabilities, adding a 4th dimension of control to your music making. Unlike traditional hardware synthesizers, Montage M6 seamlessly bridges stage and studio workflows with computer connectivity and integration. Crafted for synthesists needing 61 great-feeling keys and aftertouch, the Montage M6 introduces a new era of sound, control and workflow in music creation.

New AN-X Engine - A Revolution in Authentic Analog Sound, Control and Behavior, the AN-X Engine Recreates the Warm, Classic Sound of an Analog Synthesizer with a Host of Sophisticated Modulation Options:

- 3 oscillators with 5 waveforms (Saw 1, Saw2, Triangle, Square and Sine) and noise generator

- 2 filters with 10 filter types

- Pulse-width modulation

- Oscillator self-sync

- Ring modulation, FM, and wave shaper

- Amp EG with drive

- LFO for both amplitude and filter

- Voltage drift and aging settings to simulate vintage synth behavior

- Integrated into the Motion Control system, the AN-X Engine allows you to create expressive, unique analog sounds to your heart’s content

Improved AWM2:

- Experience realism and detail with Montage M’s improved AWM2. Offering an incredible 128 elements per part, AWM2 allows for smoother transitions, giving you an expansive canvas for ultra-high-definition sound creation, especially for “nameable” sounds such as piano and strings.

400-Note Total Polyphony - Montage M Offers up to 400 Notes of Polyphony Across Its 3 Engines:

- 128 notes for AWM2 Preset Waveform Parts

- 128 notes for AWM2 User Waveform Parts

- 128 notes for FM-X Parts

- 16 notes for AN-X Parts


- Montage M rekindles the Yamaha legacy of expressive and dynamic FM synthesis with its 8-operator FM-X engine, offering a wide variety of diverse tones: rom crisp and bell-like, to edgy and aggressive, to mellow and evolving. This is an excellent complement to the AWM2 and AN-X engines.

VCM Rotary and Drawbar Behavior:

- Using sophisticated modeling technology, the VCM Rotary Speaker effect simulates the rich and enveloping motion of a classic rotary speaker cabinet. Plus, the new organ drawbar fader setting simulates the vintage “pull-out” drawbar organ behavior.

Pure Analog Circuit 2:

- The upgraded Pure Analog Circuit included in Montage M reduces noise and improves the dynamic range, crosstalk, low-frequency phase, and distortion rate, resulting in clearer sound at all volumes. You’ll also find the sound has more detailed low-mids and presence.

USB MIDI and Multichannel Audio Interface:

- Simplifying your studio setup, Montage M offers a USB MIDI and multichannel 32-output / 6-input audio interface. Streamline MIDI recording, virtual instrument monitoring, and multi-track audio recording through a single USB cable, so you can spend more time being creative.

Included Accessories:

- AC Power Cord

- Quick Guide

- Cubase AI Download Information

- Expanded Softsynth Plugin for Montage M Download Information