Zildjian - 15'' A Custom Fast Crash A20531

Steve's Code: 1835
Barcode: 642388182987

Zildjian - 15'' A Custom Fast Crash A20531 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


Bright, airy and responsive crashes with an extremely short decay. Slightly thinner than the existing Custom Crash, the A Custom Fast Crash explodes with color.

Recognized by their striking brilliant finish, A Custom Fast Crashes feature unique tonal grooves and lower profiles. Together, these attributes produce a smoother, glassier and brighter sounding cymbal with more give when struck. It is these qualities that have made the sound of A Customs particularly sought after in the studio.

• A Custom crash that simply explodes with color

• Very responsive crashes

• Slightly thinner than classic A Custom Crash

• Bright, airy sound

• Extremely short decay