Zvex - Instant Lo-Fi Junky

Steve's Code: 9083
Barcode: 855245003350
By ZVex


With the Instant Lo-Fi Junky, Z.Vex adapts the effects that make the Loop Junky’s loops so, well, junky and puts them in a stomp box without the looper. The result is a tone-tweaking tool that very happily strays from the ordinary.

Instant Gratification

Engineer Joel Korte designed the Instant Lo-Fi Junky by reverse-engineering Vex’s original Lo-Fi Loop Junky circuit. But the Instant Junky isn’t just the Lo-Fi Looper’s circuit minus the looper. Instead, the Instant Lo-Fi Junky uses a different set of components with a combination of compression and vibrato effects to replicate the tones you get using the original Loop Junky’s recorded tone.